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My week 1-12 pregnancy symptoms

When trying to get pregnant I was googling SO much about symptoms so I knew I always definitely wanted to share this info with you all who may also be trying to get pregnant!

Click here for my first 2 week symptoms

here for our pregnancy journey

here for our gender reveal party

So when you're '2 weeks pregnant', thats technically when you ovulated... its all very confusing haha.

3 weeks: mild pelvic pain, bloating, gassy, twinges in my stomach, salad cravings, lower back pain, uterus pulling sensation, had major cramping which I literally thought I was going to get my period- more details on this time here for my first 2 week symptoms

4 weeks: I didn't have sore boobs until Day 20 DPO when I was 4 weeks and 6 days pregnant but they were constant still up until writing this post at 12 weeks. My boredom started this week- I was too lazy to do anything but so bored. I feel like I had the pregnancy blues for a few weeks here. I started feeling fatigue too.

5 weeks: I started to feel extra hungry even though I ate so much one day. I was hungry every 2-3 hours- it was so weird. It only lasted this one week though. Nausea then started a few days later. Nausea went for 9 days straight but then stopped. It's such a weird feeling to feel nausea like you're on a cruise ship but it doesn't end for almost 2 weeks. How miserable but I am thankful I never puked. Having food in my system really helped and I wish I had started taking B6 here because you'll see the nausea comes back for me...

6 weeks: hot flashes started- ugh so not fun to be hot then super cold then hot. Still have nausea this week and the fridge smells so bad and most food. I don't want to cook anything and I'd rather get food delivered. I also get full really fast.

7 weeks: Nausea is gone thankfully but Misia my dog started smelling too strongly for me and I couldn't stand having her near me. I used to LOVE the way she smelled too. It was so weird. I felt so bad :(

8 weeks: At the end of 8 weeks my smell sensitivity went away

9 weeks: I had a good week other than fatigue. But also still felt like I was stuck inside my house just bored but lazy again. I googled what it means to be bored but don't want to do anything and it said depression so I'm thinking I had some pregnancy blues to be honest. This is when I tried to make plans and get out of the house. It was hard because if it went out and did something, I'd come home so tired like ready for bed but at least it make me get out of the house.

10 weeks: Dry lips started but quickly ended. Misia started smelling bad again :/ My nausea also started up again and it felt like it was even worse now. I asked my doctor what to do and the nurse suggested Vitamin B6 so I bought these and broke them up into 4 pieces and took one at breakfast, one at lunch and one at dinner. You're not supposed to have more that 100g a day so I only had 75g. It really did help because one day I forgot to take them and I felt so nauseous. Made me happy that they were actually working!

11 weeks: I actually had a good week. I felt fatigue but then came down with a cold and truly didn't feel any pregnancy symptoms because I was focusing on my cough and sore throat!

12 weeks: Turned out it was Covid so for most of week 12 I didn't feel any pregnancy symptoms or maybe since fatigue is a similar covid/pregnancy sympton. By the end of the week I started noticing my sore breasts again. I didn't notice them when I was sick.

I googled SOOO much for symptoms and peoples real experiences so I hope this helps you so you don't feel alone and so you can see a positive test experience.

Below is the Kindara tracking chart .. if you're not familiar, the blue numbers are my DPO's and shows my temperature and temperature spike. I ovulated cycle day 24. After 15 days I stopped temping and just logged in my symptoms.


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xoxo ela

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