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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Travel Diary June 2021


We just got back from Cabo during a pandemic! Since it was June 2021, things kind of were back to normal but since I love looking back on where we ate/what we did, here is my trip! :)

Day 1

We arrived at the Cabo airport after a 3.5 hour flight from Chicago. Our private shuttle was with Cabo Airport Shuttle and it was so nice- on the way home we even got an expedition! (we've learned the hard way to now request private shuttles so we don't have to leave the resort 4 hours early to pick up everyone else) We stayed at the Breathless near the Marina. We checked in, unpacked a bit, and got lunch at the pool. Colin and I split the shrimp tacos, chips and guac, and fries and they were amazing. Then for dinner we went to Ecote (free if you upgrade to Exhale Club) and got the enchiladas, tortilla soup and shrimp appetizer. I was obsessed with tortilla soup everywhere! We walked to town which was 10 min walk and went to O club for a few drinks. Squid Roe is where its at though. Thats where Kristin Cavallari danced on the bar in the laguna beach episode!!

BTW we upgraded to Exhale club for $250. They said the room is better, Ecote is free, and some other things which we didn't utilize haha.

Day 2

Colin went to breakfast almost every day by himself to Bites and he said it was so good but I was never hungry enough that early. We spent the whole day at the pool and then for dinner we had made prior reservations at Los Tres Gallos. It was in town and a 20 min walk. Best Mexican food I've ever had!! We got guac, the seafood taco platter and Colin got empanadas. I was drinking at dinner and forgot to take pics!! Hahha They also gave us blankets because it was so windy. We then went to Squid Roe ($20 a person to get in)- it was so fun! So many 18 year olds from Cali too haha.

Day 3

This day was a little chilly in the morning but we spent the day at the pool and this is the day I decided to day drink (other than a few on day 1). Those first couple drinks are hard to take down but then they get easier :) For dinner we went to Spumante which is their Italian but good tip: if you eat at ocote, you can order from any of the restaurants over there too. I got the chicken parmesan which was actually a little spicy but then I went over to ocote for the tortilla soup. It was seriously to die for. We then went out with some friends we met from the hotel on their honeymoon. We went to Squid Roe again- so fun! We ended up eating tacos down the street at Tonys tacos and holy moly- they were yummy!!

Day 4

This day we decided to do the arches. First I got the poke bowl at Bites and then we asked the concierge for a glass bottom boat and it was only $23 a person. We had to walk all around the marina to the gate but ended up taking a water taxi halfway because we would've missed our boat. It ended up being just me and on Colin on the glass bottom boat which was nice! The waves were big and kinda scary but it was so cool to see this all up close! It only took like 45 min and then he dropped us off closer to our hotel this time. Then we went to the pool, got some shrimp tacos and fries again and went to ocote for dinner.

Day 5

We left this day and got breakfast at Bites. The French toast Colin loved and I got avocado toast. When we got to the airport we got Carl Jrs but FYI we spent $50 for just the two of us for regular food. Insanity haha

pros of the hotel:

  • adults only (also con bc I love kids lol)

  • amazing food

  • great music at pool

  • they had two pools (a calm one and a party one)

  • no restaurant reservation needed except ocote (could be bc of covid, less people)


  • pool is on opposite end of the rooms/ lots of stairs/elevators to get to it

  • pool closes at 7/ music ends at 6

Hope this helps your planning if you decide to go!


Most of the photos have been edited with my presets

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xoxo ela

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