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Mykonos, Greece

I can't believe we are home from Greece already! This was sort of our honeymoon that we were supposed to go on last year in 2020 but because of Covid we had to postpone. I love looking back on where we ate/what we did, so here is our trip and all the details! :)

Day 1

We flew American Airlines direct from Chicago to Athens. We had a couple hour layover so then flew Aegean to Mykonos. I usually like to sleep on the plane to Europe because you land in the morning and have all day to explore but I just could NOT fall asleep! Our flight left at 130pm so it was bad timing :/ Once we got to Mykonos the hotel had a driver pick us up from the airport. It was a short drive to the hotel, George Hotel, and it was so beautiful! We stayed in Platis Gialos which is a beach town just 10 min from town. Mykonos is definitely a party place but the hotel actually was very chill and the pool too. I went to the pool and ordered a gyro while Colin walked around a bit and grabbed waters for the room. The hotel has a sister hotel down the street that is on the beach with free lounge chairs so we ended up going there after we ate. The vibe on the beach is definitely different. It's definitely a beach place I feel like- it was a lot funner there. The hotel down there also has the Mykonos decorated streets too which is great because we didn't make it to Mykonos town during the day. We got ready and headed to our reservations at 180 sunset near the town. We tried to take a cab but there are only 31 or so cabs on the island apparently! how crazy and September was their slower month so I cant imagine trying to hail a cab in the busy summer months. We had to take a private shuttle which was 40 euro I think. I was so tired and told Colin we should just go to bed but it was probably my favorite place we saw any sunset!! The bao buns were soooo good! Definitely try to go there! It is pricy to reserve and they have a minimum spend but honestly everything is expensive in Mykonos! See the sunset here on my tik tok. We then did call the cab company of the island and got one to go to the town. I definitely regretted wearing heels and didn't again the entire trip haha. We went to Skadinavian bar and I tried 1942 tequila for the first time! It was so good! We then got a drunken crepe at Trio Bambini and then got lucky with a cab again and went to bed.

Day 2

Day 2 we went to Branco beach club. The lounge chairs are cheapest farther away from the water- 2 chairs for 40 euro usually. Not bad compared to Principote- wait for that price in day 4! The sushi and Branco was yummy and we had a couple drinks and walked to Nammos along the beach and cliffs. It was really close to Branco which was nice and Nammos is definitely a bougie expensive place but the wagyu burger sliders were the best things I have ever eaten I think haha. soooo good. Super bougie shopping near Nammos too. For dinner we went local to Nikos Gallop- sooo good! The greek salad was one of my favorite things to order everywhere but the truffle risotto was amazing and the calamari too! We then went into town by bus and went to Negrita which was THE PLACE to go for a night out. The best music and vibe. The bartender also went viral on tik tok here haha so funny. Check out my tik tok I posted on Negrita here too. We got drunken gyros at Jimmys- im sure it tasted amazing hahaha.

Day 3

We had a late start to the day since we got home from Negrita at 3 am haha. We went straight to Tropicana (they have a party that starts at 4pm) so we just chilled at the beach and then started drinking .... again. woof hah. We stayed later than we planned and then went to D'angelos in the town for dinner. I was iffy going to an Italian place in Greece but it was so good. Didn't do too much else this night.

Day 4

We had a reservation at Principote this day- it is a pricy place - for two beds it was 120 euros. The sushi was so good here and then we went home, and got ready for our last dinner in Mykonos!! Colin made reservations for the sunset area at Scorpios and all you have to do it order a bottle- we got a 65 euro bottle of rose but thats the deal to get the reservations there. We didn't see any celebs there but it was fun! Sad we were leaving the next day because it was popping off especially because it was Sunday night which is their funnest night.

List of restaurants:

  • Sunset 180

  • Nikos Gallop

  • D'angelos

  • Scorpios (where celebs go)

  • Trio Bambini- gelato, crepes and waffles!

  • Little Jimmys- gyros in town

Beach clubs:

  • Nammos

  • Branco

  • Tropicana (party starts at 4pm)

  • Principote


  • Negrita (go for sunset and stay all night!! haha) best at like 1am.

  • Skandinavian bar

  • Cab number: +30 2289 023700 (only 31 on the island !)

Hope this helps your planning if you decide to go!


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xoxo ela

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