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First Trimester Update!

I definitely want to remember all of these things in the future so wanted to share all the details!!

Click here for my first 2 week symptoms

Click here for my 1-12 weeks symptoms

And here for our pregnancy journey

How Far Along?

– As I type this I am 12 weeks and 5 days! (proofreading and posting this at 19 weeks haha oops!)

Weight Gain?

– I have gained 1 pound so far.. I gained more thought like week 5 but I then lost it. My weight fluctuates so much but so far I'd like to keep the weight gain at a minimum given I got pregnant at the heaviest I've ever been!

Maternity Clothes?

– I've been living in sweatpants and leggings at home and only have one type of legging that goes high up on my belly and its so comfy! I like being comfy so I think I will buy a few more of those to have on hand. Right now I just have to dress as if I'm bloated which happens to be even before pregnancy by the end of the day.


– This past week has been annoying since I was sick with Covid but I usually have to get up to pee in the night at least 2 times so sleep is fine but interrupted for sure!

Best Moment This Week?

– I've only been feeling sore boobs so far this week after getting over my sickness so thats good! Haven't felt any nausea.

Weird Pregnancy Moment?

– I started having round ligament pain this week which isn’t horrible but not fun either.

Baby Movement?

– Not yet! I don’t think I will feel that for quite a few weeks.

Food Cravings?

– I loveeee fruit and salads now but I will still eat any junk food.

Anything Making You Queasy?

– Sometimes how my dog Misia smells, it's getting a bit better but also the fridge is lessoning up. It used to smell so bad to me.


– We did the 10 week blood test and have a gender reveal party this Saturday to find out! Here's the blog post on that!

Something You’re Looking Forward To?

– To be done with birth! haha


All of the photos have been edited with my presets

You can follow all our home reno youtube videos here

All my home reno blog posts are here

You can find more house updates on my insta stories and vlogs

Don't forget to check out my Amazon Page that lists all my favorites on there- clothing, bathing suits, beauty products and more.

xoxo ela

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