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Guest Bathroom Remodel

Hi guys!

We redid our guest bathroom (currently doing our master bathroom) this spring and I'm so excited it's done!

[all links to everything at the end of this post]

I always get questions on paint color and we did Pure White with Sherwin Williams (Pro mar 200). Satin/Eggshell on walls, semi gloss on moldings, and flat on ceilings.

If you want to check out the other remodels in our home:



You can find all the items here:

Construction done by Walad


All of the photos have been edited with my presets

You can follow all our home reno youtube videos here

All my home reno blog posts are here

You can find more house updates on my insta stories and vlogs

Don't forget to check out my Amazon Page that lists all my favorites on there- clothing, bathing suits, beauty products and more.

xoxo ela

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han gu
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