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Travel Diaries: Phoenix (for a Bachelorette Party!)

What a fun trip! We celebrated my friend from studying abroad's bachelorette party in Phoenix over Labor Day Weekend and it was the perfect little getaway. We had some surprises in store for her and Kelcie the MOH did such an amazing job getting all the decor and making sure the details were screaming Cacti!

Things to know for a September Arizona trip... allergies are so REAL there at this time. Also, it's about 105-110 degrees of dry heat. For me it's not so bad because I love the heat but just an FYI for your guests. Here's how we decorated and what we did!


I arrived Thursday night and worked from home Friday morning. Four of us spent the day hanging things up, getting the decor ready, we went to grab some lunch at In&Out (I mean where else would you find me?), we headed to Costco to get some groceries and alcohol for the weekend, went to Party City to blow up the balloons, and had a mini cat nap before the other 6 people arrived. They arrived and what did they want to do? Go to In&Out. I will not disclose if I got it again.. Spent that night just relaxing and catching up. PS You definitely need a car for errands because everything is so spread out.


We woke up pretty early because of the time change and cooked some breakfast with a side of Mimosas. This day we wanted to just have a pool party in the backyard with some sides of Truly, Vodka, and beer. Honestly, we didn't even grab a group photo together before going out because we all were all over the place, literally and figuratively. The last guest also arrived this day to make it a total of 11 girls. Kelcie organized a surprise limo to take us out to dinner that night and it was such a good idea since downtown Scottsdale was about 45 minutes away from the house we stayed at (which was one of the bridesmaids parents vacation home.) We had dinner at Olive and Ivy (highly recommend) and we took a golf cart to El Hefe about 4 minutes away. I had no idea that Scottsdale has these little carts to take people around. It was $20 for 5+ people. We found it just sitting outside our restaurant. El Hefe was also a great time because the windows are all opened up as if we were in Mexico or something. So fun.



A few months back we rented a boat at Scorpion Bay Marina and after 16 hours of drinking I'm not sure that was a good idea! We survived though we just weren't as rowdy as the previous day. :) We rented a 23" pontoon boat to fit the 11 of us and it was perfect. The lake there was called Lake Pleasant and sooo much more pleasant than the lakes in Michigan or Wisconsin! The hills were so beautiful and the water was warm. There was also a section where there were boats all tied up together and that was the rowdier section. Such a great thing to do for a bachelorette party. Also there were donkeys walking around in the hills! How crazy. We took ubers to the lake but make sure to schedule some yellow cabs to pick you up to go home way in advance. They took about 1 hour to come get us since it was far from everything. We had dinner reservations in town again but after such a long weekend the bride wanted to stay in and eat fast food and we all signed in RELIEF. Best ending to the weekend and we all got enough rest for the following work week.

Was such a great time! Let me know if you have any questions!

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