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Travel Diaries: Puerto Vallarta

I need to make these winter getaways a tradition!! I've gotten the holidays off (about 1.5-2 weeks) for the past 5 years and this is the first time I've gone away for a bit of it to the warmer weather. So worth it.

I bought these tickets in May for a December trip because I knew it was going to be outrageously priced. We scored a deal for a 3 star resort (which was just fine) because we really wanted to go for the sun. We found a deal on Cheap Caribbean at Sunscape Puerto Vallarta. This was my first time in Puerta Vallarta and it seemed that all Mexico resorts had about the same prices. On the west side of Mexico which is where Puerto Vallarta is, the water is not as blue but the sun does set on the beach which is beautiful.

They had a few restaurants and a lot of food at their buffets. Sea Side Grill was the place we frequented the most because they had a big breakfast buffet overlooking the beach and pool. Sea Side also had a dinner buffet which we went to during the Mexican night that the resort put on. Di Mario was an Italian restaurant which was a more fancy place with really great Chicken Parmasian. Tiki Taco had great Mexican food in a buffet style again. For some reason at All Inclusives, my stomach always gets crazy after drinking alcohol and eating all the food so coming home felt nice to detox.

Overall the trip was great. We got a tan, ate a ton, and drank a lot of champagne. My cousin will say we didn't go out as much as she wanted to but when you lay out in the sun all day, you're exhausted! (at least I am) We decided not to do any excursions but we did take a taxi to El Malecon which is the popular boardwalk. Overall great staff and a sun filled trip!


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