• Ela Bobak

How to Transform a Wooden Desk

Transforming pieces of furniture has become my favorite hobby. Someone I knew was giving this wooden desk away for free and I knew I could transform it to something of my liking. Here are the steps I took to transform it!

1. Remove the white door closers (they're used to easily carry and move the desk around so the doors won't open)

2. Wash the entire desk with a rag and Simple Green to ensure all the grease or dirt is removed.

3. Remove the handles (you won't be needing them.)

4. Paint the entire desk with Beyond Paint. (I did 3 coats) More detailed instructions are on this blog post when I used it for my kitchen cabinets that I turned white.

5. Paint the Beyond Paint Sealer on there (preferably 2 coats) since it's going to be touched a lot more than cabinets.

6. Screw on the new handles. I purchased the middle handles from Etsy and the others from Amazon which I found for a crazy cheap price. I chose to choose handles with the same length that the others were on the desk so I didn't have to do any major work on this.

7. and VIOLA

xoxox ela

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