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How I Tone My Hair at Home (And Grow Out My Natural Hair Color)

I've been wanting to grow my hair our for years but then always get sucked back into dying it because the color fades so much and my hair turns an orangey color and I look horrendous. I am finally trying to suck it up thought and I haven't dyed it since August 25, 2017. It feels so long!!

In the meantime until my hair completely grows out naturally, I've only been toning it at home if I need a quick fix for an event or something along those lines. Toning it is just a deposit color and doesn't affect your natural hair. It lasts about 4-5 weeks (for me I feel like it's only 2 weeks) but it gets me through not having to look like a mess for a wedding, or vacation. The more you wash your hair the faster the toner will come out, obviously.

This is such a quick fix for me and still I am on the path of completely growing it out! Yay!!

Blonds usually use toner to get rid of the brassiness or the "orangey" color. It corrects the color of your hair without lightening it further. Blonds also can use a purple shampoo to remove the brassiness as well and that's what I use to do when I was blonde.. I know... crazy to believe I was a blonde right?!

Here's how I tone my hair!

You should do it on damp/wet hair but I got too excited for this blog post and forgot to dampen it!

UPDATE--- Wella Toner:-NEW LINK ABOVE- still 7A just now updated to 'medium cool blonde'- same thing just name was changed

1. Dampen hair and make sure it's clean. It's best to take a shower or wash your hair (shampoo only) and then apply the toner when it's wet.

2. Mix 1 OZ toner (I use Wella 7A) with 2 OZ of developer (I use Wella Developing lotion) into a bowl. I use a applicator bottle to measure it out.

This is enough for my hair (and I actually get two uses out of the toner) but if you need more just add on each side or double it. If you need to squeeze out all the product, use this tube key, it works so well!

3. Apply the mixture on your damp hair with a brush to make sure you get all areas. I started on the ends first since that's where all my orangey parts are and I worked my way to my roots.

4. Wait 20 minutes.

5. Rinse out and wash normally with shampoo and conditioner.

6. You have darker hair and it wasn't harmful to it!


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xoxo ela

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