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Travel Diaries: Vegas Bachelorette Party

Vegas for a bachelorette party.... I mean best place ever for a bachelorette! I am so into sun, pool parties, and clubs, and the energy makes me stay up later which is definitely what I need sometimes (if I'm at a chill bar drinking, I literally want to take a nap.) I went for my first time (and only other time) in 2014 so this was only my second time in Vegas. My previous experience was amazing as we literally paid for the flight and hotel and nothing else. We walked to strip and had all these promoters put us on all the lists at all the clubs and pools and we even got a free dinner once because they wanted to see pretty girls sit in the front of the restaurant to lure more customers. It's crazy how things work in that city haha. For this time, one of the bridesmaids knew a promoter so she got us on all the lists prior to flying down there. It's definitely good to ask around on FB or anywhere else because someone probably has a connection down there and those promoters always want people at their clubs. I am definitely a girl that loves to save money on tickets to enter a club because heyyyy we're good looking girls, let us in for free! ahahaah

For this trip, we rented an Air B&B and unfortunately the link isn't online anymore but it was a great fit for us all and also had a pool. FYI when they say "solar heated" it's not really that warm of a pool haha. It's definitely not heated heated. We didn't go in ours at all actually other than lay of the rafts that we brought with us. (we brought a portable air pump to blow them up.)


I arrived early that morning and ended up working remotely that day since the other girls weren't arriving until pretty much that evening. Ubered to In and Out from the airport obvz.. then I spent some time decorating with the MOH Amber for a bit and then we needed to lay down until the craziness arrived. We finally had some other girls arrive and we took a limo to The Venetian to go to Prime Bar. Unfortunately it was so windy that we couldn't sit outside but the view is amazing so you should definitely try to go there! You see the Eiffel Tower and the fountain! After dinner we went back to the house to change and then went to Surrender. Somehow we met these guys that was from one of the girls hometowns (or near it) and they ended up being the DJ's that played the next night at XS. They were called the Lost Kings. I linked their insta. But how funny. So they invited us to hang out with them at the pool while they played the next day...They were there for their friends bachelor party during the weekend they were playing there and he was the nicest guy! Honestly the vlog shares a lot more of the details and it's just so fun to rewatch. We got home at 5AM Chicago time.. .yup.


We went to Encore Beach Club (the pool name for Surrender) again to hang out with the DJ's and we got to sit behind the booth with free chicken fingers and alcohol. I mean.... I'd do that every day. After that we went home and then changed and napped and had to go out again! I haven't been out like this in FOREVER but I loved doing it with all my bffs. That night we went to Surrender again (I know it's like we lived there) because the DJ's had a table so we hung out there for a bit and then headed to gamble a bit. We were all pretty pooped this night.


We woke up, had some breakfast, and played some games. I love the game of having the groom pretape answering some questions that the bride will see if she gets right. It's fun to have him included in the trip. :) After that we actually separated from the DJ's and did our own thing. HAHA. We went to Wet Republic where Brody Jenner was going to play and we just had a great time in the pool with some dranks and sunshine. We stayed there for a bit, then went to In and Out (my second time that weekend) and took a nap. We were supposed to go to dinner that night but the bride couldn't wake up and she was so exhausted so we ended up going to the Venetian again to gamble and then one of the bridesmaids, Summer, had a limo surprise her to drive us around the strip. We had such a blast and we actually went to the Vegas sign to take a pic! Our only good pic from the weekend haha. It's so hard to take pics, videos, insta stories, etc at the same time- let alone trying to shut off and have a good time. We spent a lot of the night in the limo singing our hearts out, drinking, and having a blast. Screw the clubs! We were having fun on our own. We then almost had one of the girls decide to get a tattoo so I think it was time to go home hahaa. We ordered pizza and called it a night! I went to bed at 4 AM and had to leave at 7AM for my flight the next day. I am not one to do that type of stuff but I was seriously having way to much fun with my friends. Reunion every year, ok ladies!?!?

And again, I vlogged the whole time I was in Vegas (scroll down for a link to the video!) and don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel to make sure you get updates when I upload more. :)

Check out my insta stories for the behind the scenes of my everyday and I also buy a lot of pieces off Amazon for cheaper- here's my favorites from there!

Order up for the skirt! I actually am wearing an XL.



xox ela

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