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Poland Travel Diaries | Krakow, Bustryk, Zakopane

Oh the homelanddd! I was so surprised as to how many people wanted to see the Poland travel diaries! Do you all want to go to Poland? I'm so curious! Haha.

So we didn't stay too many days in Poland but we sure made it worthwhile. We visited Krakow, Nowy Targ, Bustryk where my family is, and Zakopane. I'll go day by day.


We arrived in Krakow and went straight to our AIRBNB which was a 10 min walk to the city center. It was the perfect space for us and was so ideal location wise. When me and Colin arrived we freshened up and went straight to dinner at Miod Malina. It was a fancier Polish restaurant (ish) but SO good. Knowing I was going to Italy right after this trip, I still got the lasagna and Colin got the potato pancakes that are so popular there. My dad makes them all the time and Colin is obsessed. After that we walked around the town and the square and I was in awe of how beautiful it was. I didn't quite appreciate going to Krakow as a kid as I did this time. It's so beautiful. We got a couple drinks at various bars in the square and then we went to Bania Luka which is THE PLACE for cheap alcohol and food. It's a packed little bar with a lot of poles and also tourists. They have shots for 4 zloty which is about $1.50! It's so dangerous. I had so many cytrynowka shots which are similar to limonchello. My family makes it homemade whenever there's a big event like a wedding or something along those lines. We're definitely going to make a ton for my wedding! Finally my brother, Martin and his girlfriend, Angela made it to Krakow and and met us at Bania Luka. It was already 11PM at this time so we only hung out for a bit longer and ended with kabobs on the walk home.



We started our day at Bene Bistro which is such a nice cute restaurant with denim place mats! I loved that- it was so different. I got the chicken sandwich which was the bomb- sorry I don't think I took a picture but it'll be in the vlog! We then headed to the square to walk around and take pictures and then Angela said she wanted to go to this park that Rick Steves wrote about. We went to it and were walking around and there was a section with a little bridge and some water and Angela said she wanted to take a photo there with Martin. I took a photo for them, thinking nothing, and then it was our turn. I swooped back my hair and turned towards Colin and he was on his knee. I was SO surprised. You can find out more about our engagement in my engagement Q&A but it was so great because a couple hours later we planned to leave Krakow to go see my family in Bustryk! It was perfect timing. We rented a car and Colin and Martin split up the 2 hour drive. We stopped in Nowy Targ on the way, first, because Zarneccy is the best ice cream place I'v ever eaten at. They also have one in Zakopane where we spent that last part of our trip and that was so dangerous. I'm still trying to lose the weight from this trip and Italy. But we had to stop there for that ice cream and then we finally made it to Bustryk. I could not wait for Colin and Angela to see my parents house there. The driveway is something you wouldn't see in Chicago. It is so high up and slanted that it's honestly scary to drive up until you get used to it. I have their whole reactions on film in my YT video because I had to film this haha. We spent the night hanging out with family and then we went to my aunts house up the block because that's where we were going to stay since she has a bed and breakfast.


FIRSTLY, take a look at my aunts bed and breakfast- the views are incredible. I woke up early to get my hair done because we had a Christening and I was the God mother!! My first time- it was so fun. My godson is honestly the cutest thing ever! We spent most of the day at the christening party which was at a banquet hall in Bustryk. So much vodka, and food, we were literally about to burst. After the christening we went to Goracy Potok which is a pool and spa in the area so we went to relax and swim a bit. They had slides, heated pools, and jacuzzis and we went during sunset so it was so nice.


We woke up and wanted to head to Zakopane to show them the cute Krupowki which is a long street of different souvenier shops and stores. We first went to Kasprowy Wierch which we took a gondola up to the top of the mountain and had incredible views before the fog rolled in. Then we walked the Krupowki and got some mushroom soup and potato pancakes at Karczma Sabala and then the Zarneccy ice cream again. :) After that we went back to Bustryk to hang out with my godson and family. A lot of vodka occurred this night too. This is the first time I've seen Colin drink vodka let alone 15 shots in the span of 3 days.



We woke up and were planning on going at some point to Morskie Oko which is a hike to a small lake but we realized we didn't have that much time. We instead decided to go back to Zakopane and ride the Gubalowka which is a gondola down to the city. My brother and Angela bought a cow hide rug for their apartment and got a great deal on it. Go shopping in Poland for fur because it really is such a great price. We then went back to hang out with my family for our last night in Poland! We watched Poland play in the World Cup and then had a BBQ of kielbasa and other polish yummies!


We left for Positano! Post coming soon. :)

xoxoo ela

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