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Positano Travel Diaries | Capri, Positano, and Amalfi

We knew we wanted to tag another trip onto our Poland trip so we decide on Positano! We've always wanted to go there and flights weren't too bad from Krakow so we did it. My brother and his GF Angela also joined us and here is what we did!


  • We landed into Naples and took a car service to our Airbnb. We booked the car service through Naples Airport Transfers and it was about 1.5 hour drive for only 105 euro for all 4 of us. The driver talked to our 'airbnb host' over the phone and we got dropped off at a road next to our house. She was the nicest 'airbnb host' ever. She met us at the road and showed us into her rental. She gave us homemade muffins, vegetables from her garden, and then came back with eggs for us to make breakfast.

  • We then unpacked a bit, cleaned up ourselves, and went to Caffe Positano for dinner. AMAZING view.

  • We walked down to the beach to see what to expect for the next day and then walked up back to our apartment. It was not such a long walk but because it's uphill, it was strenuous! I say it so much in my vlog but honestly, it is a workout to go to the town unless you take the busses. But even from the beach to the bus is a 10 minute walk uphill to get there. I'm definitely glad I came here as a youngin!


  • We woke up, went to the Spiaggia Grande beach and relaxed. Chairs there were 20 euro to rent so FYI and also try to bring your own towel unless you want to spend another 5. This is the popular beach with the colorful chairs and definitely an instagram area.

  • You can order drinks and food directly to your chair so we had some beers and then went over to Chez Black for some pizza. We were able to keep our chairs and then just come back to them after lunch. This is the day we wanted to take our engagement pictures (if you don't know, we got engaged in Poland, (Poland travel video here) days before going to Positano) I was SO surprised. You can find out more about our engagement in my engagement Q&A, and watch the proposal here.

  • We went back to our house, got changed, Colin chugged wine to ease the stress of the photoshoot, and then we were off back to the beach. (I took a bus back up to our house because I was walked out. It costs 1.40 euro and you buy the ticket at the tabacchio (tobacco shop) or on the bus but it 2 euro on the bus I think. The tabacchio was right next door to the bus stop so it was perfect.)

  • When we got to the beach, the waiter we had that day said we couldn't take pictures because his boss was there. Not sure if you needed a permit or what but nonetheless he let us take some for like 5 minutes which is all we needed.

  • We then went to Le Tre Sorello for dinner- lasagna was amazing, then hung out at the beach again with some wine and went home. (You can walk around and drink wine on the streets here, they even open up your bottle for you when you buy it and pour it into cups for you.)


  • Today we had a ferry ticket to go to Capri! It was only like a 30 minute boat ride and when we got to Capri we took the funicular up to town.

  • We walked around and then decided to rent a boat........ yeah it was stressful because none of us really knew how to drive but it was such a fun experience. You can circle the entire island of Capri in 80 minutes. It also wasn't that expensive. I think it was 100 euros for all four of us for 2 hours. They gave us a map of all the grotto's and areas we should stop at and it was an easy ride, minus the waves and Colin and Martin not understanding you shouldn't drive the nose into the wake... but we survived.

  • We spent all day pretty much in Capri and then headed back to Positano. We pre bought our tickets online but I don't believe there was any price difference. And we also were able to get on a different time boat so that stuff doesn't matter if you buy one for a certain time.

  • Went home and changed and then went for drinks at Le Sirenuse - amazing hotel with an amazing view and outdoor bar. The next day we also had to go back because I wanted to see the view during the day! Colin also spilled that this is where he was going to propose but he wanted to get it over with in Poland haha.

  • We ate at Buca di Bacco this night and weren't too hungry but it was right on the beach.

  • We then stayed up and went to this club that's in a cave called In the Rocks, and had a couple limonchello shots... the best. Such a cool club and you can even hang out outdoors there.

  • The next morning, Angela and Martin had to leave for London. :(


  • Martin and Angela left really early in the morning.

  • Colin and I went down to the beach area but he didn't want to lay out or swim so we decided to take a ferry ride to Almafi. It was about 20 minutes away. We walked around the town and I relaxed on a bench because I was exhausted! haha. Long week and a half of traveling and I could've totally been fine at the beach all day. Learning to compromise I guess :)

  • We went back to Positano, showered, and went to dinner at Da Vincenzo. We really had a taste for lasagna and they didn't have it unfortunately but we still got some good pasta dishes.

  • We walked around a bit and headed back to our house since we had an early wake up call for the airport.


Took the same shuttle back to the airport and went to London! Post coming soon..


xoxoo ela

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