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My Experience with Powder Brows (Eyebrow Tattoo)

The idea that I should get my eyebrows tattooed only started after I got them tinted. I then got them microbladed in Sept of 2017 and when my 1 year follow up was here, I was planning on getting them touched up with microblading but then we discussed other options so we went with 'powder brows.'

Let me explain the difference between all three.

What is it: They use a semi permanent dye that will tint your eyebrows to give them a darker more defined look. It's a quick cheap way to get a thicker natural looking brow but will only use the shape of your current eyebrow.

Lasts: For me it lasts less than a week.

Cost: $10


What is it: Semi-permanent make-up, where through creating hairstrokes by inserting pigment into the upper layers of skin it creates the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows.

Lasts: For me it lasted through the next year but I had to put powder on them after probably 6 months to get them more defined because they were fading.

Cost: $350-800

What is it: Permanent powdered brow technique for clients who prefer fuller result than hairstrokes but still very soft. The tails of the brow are darker and fade into a light beginning to the brow, giving a perfect ombre makeup affect.

Lasts: Currently in month 1! Will update you but she said it should last better than the microblading for my oily skin.

Cost: $350-800

right after ^

I was obsessed with the fact that I could wake up, not have to fill in my eyebrows, and go throughout my day not worrying about wiping them off with my hands by rubbing my face, etc.

The reason we went with the powder brows this time was because as I mentioned mine were fading pretty quick and if you have oily skin, they will. I also filmed a video of the entire process here. The owner Shana of Skyn Studio, where I got them done (and the microblading done) suggested I do powder brows this time because it shouldn't fade as quickly and since I liked the more defined look, that I'd like these. She also mentioned that it was becoming a much more frequent procedure than microblading was.

The appointment was the same as microblading. It's a 2 hour appt but only about 30-40 minutes of it was actually the tatooing.

First you'll get numbing lotion put on them for about 10-15 minutes. Then we went over the shape of them and she fixed up some of it and made them bigger than the first time. Funny to think that because when I had first gotten microblading done I freaked out because I was not used to how big they were!

It also did not hurt that bad! But there are precare instructions like don't drink alcohol 24 hours before, or take aspirin. Also if you are close to your period, you will be sensitive and it might hurt around that time. So as long as you follow the rules, you should be good.


So there are different rules of aftercare for eyebrow tattooing but I listened to what Shana told me to do.

1. Can't get them wet for 5 days.

2. Can't scratch off the scabs because it will take the pigment off.

2. Don't sweat for the first week.

4. Don't apply any powder until after day 14.

5. I also didn't put my face wash on them for the first 2 weeks.

The first 5 days or so they are still pretty dark, and then from day 6 to 14, they scab over (since it is a tattoo that you got.) While they scab, again, you are NOT to peel off the scabbing because it can peel off the color too. It wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it’d be, I just had to pat my eyebrows if they were itchy. The first day after my forehead area did feel a bit sore where the tattoo was but it went away on day 2. Once the scabbing was done they were so much lighter and I actually miss how dark they were in the first few days! After 14 days I started also putting a little bit of powder on them just to make them just look defined and pop out more. After 6 weeks, you can now go for your follow up (which should usually be included in your appt cost) and there you will touch up any places that need more hairs and you can darker it up a bit.

Shana at Skyn Studio did my eyebrows and her Instagram is linked here.

The process costs about $650 for powder brows and you only have to go for touch ups every year or 2 (dependent on skin) If your skin is more oily, you may need to go every year or 6 months. The touch ups cost about $250-350.

If you say my name (Ela Bobak) you will receive 10% off.


In the end I'm so glad I did it and it's much less work in the morning to get ready! If you want to see how they are looking now, check out my instagram. Let me know if you have any questions!


(right after the session)



See process here of lip injections

Thanks to Skyn Studio for collaborating with me and providing the powder brows service for this post.

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xoxo ela

xoxo ela

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