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Milwaukee Travel Diaries (For 24 hours!)

The only time I've ever been to Milwaukee (which I realized when I saw the capital building) was years ago for a model scouting at The Rock Agency with Kasia Koniar (hi kasia miss you!) when I used to be an agent for a modeling agency in Chicago. If you want to know how I got a job as a model agent at 22 that post is here haha but back to Milwaukee!

I was so excited to go back because this time I could actually see more of the city and spend the night! Colin and I only decided to go for about 24 hours during a weekend so we didn't see TOO much but it was just enough for me to say now I've definitely been to Milwaukee. Yay!

Saturday- Day 1

  • We drove in from Chicago and arrived around 4 PM- took us about 2 hours from Chicago- just a little bit of traffic but not too bad! (the selfie above was taken on the way there haha)

  • We then arrived at the Marriott Downtown Milwaukee and opened up our little goodie bag they gave us! We shared the beer they gave and then went off to explore!

  • We decided to walk near the riverwalk because we had driven right past it on our way. (I also had no idea the bridges raise up so frequently for the tall boats passing- it was so cool! haha) We took some pictures and then walked over to this area on 4th Street that was having an Ocktoberfest themed event. (we were told to go by a woman that worked in the area and told us about it)

  • After that, we went to Rumpus Room for dinner (part of the Bartolottas restaurant group which have some really cool restaurants in town)- so yummy! We decided to split some apps and got the korean short ribs, the wings, the pretzel, and the deviled eggs with bacon. I also read that sooo many people get the Scotch egg there. We got some drinks too and I could not remember the last time I drank. I had just finished Whole 30 a week before Milwaukee so it was my first time in a while. I also still have to write my blog post about my whole whole 30 experience so stay tuned for that. Before Whole 30, I wasn't much of a drinker anyway (only when its a fun occasion and I'm going to go hard haha) chill drinking isn't really my fortay. TBH I'd rather eat my calories than drink them. :) But we had a couple drinks and it was a nice relaxer for a fun date night.

  • We are such losers because we went back to the hotel after dinner and watched a movie. We love to sleep.

Sunday- Day 2

  • We woke up, checked out of the hotel, dropped our bags in the car, and walked over to Harbor House. It was another Bartolotta Restaurant and SO BEAUTIFUL. I mean an instagrammers dream here. I could not stop taking pictures and videos of the place and the food.

  • We did the $44 brunch buffet and had the choices of so much. You could choose any omelettes, waffles, seafood (shrimp, oysters, salmon), salads, lobster bisque, sirloin, pasta, chicken tenders and mac and cheese for kids, meat and cheese, deviled eggs which I've recently been obsessed with, and then crab legs and eggs benedict, which I got the crab cake benedict. SOO GOOD. There was also so many desserts that were included too. Another option they had there was a bloody mary bar and mimosas which was in addition to the $44. I wanted to stay for longer so I could eat more ahah.

  • We made it home after that but all in all such a good trip and such great food. I'd totally go back in the summer to sit on the patio at Harbor House. Let me know if you have been there or are planning too! I'll come with. :)


Thank you to Bartolattas Restaurant Group and Visit Milwaukee for taking care of us!

xoxoo ela

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