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I know.. I was shocked too.. I mean even though we were thinking about building a house or buying one, we were kind of working backwards which I don't mind! I'm not a very traditional person so I like doing things differently and I didn't feel like I needed to be engaged first.

I've been getting some questions like "Did you know he was going to propose?" so I thought I'd answer some other questions you may be wondering about! PS the video will be up soon on my Youtube Channel so make sure to subscribe.

1. How did he propose?

We were in Krakow, Poland a few weeks ago and it was our second day there. He did it a couple hours before we were going to drive down to Zakopane area to see my family and parents. (My whole dad's side lives in Poland still.) It was me, Colin (my fiance, ah) my brother, Martin and his girlfriend, Angela. We were walking around Krakow and Angela said that Rick Steves wrote about this park in Krakow that she wanted to see. We went to it and were walking around and there was a section with a little bridge and some water and Angela said she wanted to take a photo there with Martin. I took a photo for them, thinking nothing, and then it was our turn. I swooped back my hair and turned towards Colin and he was on his knee. I was SO surprised, sorry I'll save that for the next question.

Did you know he was going to propose/were you surprised?

I was SO surprised. I literally did not think it'd be in Poland. If I were to suspect it were to be this year sometime, I would've definitely picked Italy since we were going there right after Poland. AND it was Positano which is beautiful haha. I was definitely surprised.

Did either of you cry?

No we did not haha. I was more so saying 'no... omg... no.. you're kidding"

Did you get to pick out your ring?

When we first kind of discussed getting married, I did have a say with my ring. I think that's normal these days, especially since its such an expensive gift. I opted for a round shape. Originally I wanted a Radiant shape which is kind of like a rectangle but the only ones I liked happened to be around 4,5 carats. HA right? Never going to happen! For some reason it just looks good when it's big... says all girls everywhere about diamonds. So I went for the classic round.

Do you know where and when you want to get married?

We kind of talked about this already and we really want to do a destination wedding and are thinking about Punta Cana! My mom also wants me to do a church wedding in Chicago too so we may do that too and have a small reception in my cousin's backyard since he has a lot of land. My dad already mentioned a traditional Polish horse carriage to take us from my house to the church for the Chicago wedding... I'm suspecting it's going to be a lot more Polish than I thought, haha. We're thinking next summer for both of these weddings!

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

We always talked about Thailand so I'm hoping we do that!

What part of the wedding planning process are you most excited about?

I love planning in general and having a to do list so I'm excited about it all. I want it to look gorgeous but I also don't want to spend a ton of money either. I think that's why we opted for destination because a beautiful wedding in the States usually costs you around 50k-60k which I'd rather put towards a house.

Where are you going to have your bachelorette party?

Honestly my friend Amber thought of a good idea to have it in Punta Cana during our wedding week. Maybe Thursday if the rehearsal is Friday and the wedding is Saturday?! I know I'd be tired but I always wanted to travel for my bachelorette and since I'm having people travel for the wedding, I wouldn't do that to them.

Are there any wedding trends you want to stay away from?

I'm so NOT traditional and neither is Colin. He doesn't even want any speeches, but obvz there will be haha. He hates being the center of attention. I honestly am thinking about either having no bridesmaids or just a couple. I just don't want everyone to pay also for a dress when they're flying across the country for the wedding! I just keep being money conscious about this because I hate the fact of having them spend like 2K just to be a part of the wedding when in reality it'll be a small destination wedding so every girl there would probably be in my "big wedding party" anyways if I had one!

When/where are you going to do your engagement photos?

We actually did them in Positano!! How perfect. I had Angela take them on my Canan and they turned out so good! I do wish I stepped further back so you could see more of the cliffs but you live and you learn! We only had like 7 minutes to take these because the workers at the beach were being a little weird. It made Colin work well under pressure though because he wasn't being fussy or anything! It was perfect. The dress I wore is linked here.

When are you going to have a baby?

HA slow down!!!

The engagement vlog

Let me know if there's any questions I missed.


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xoox ela

oxoxo ela

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