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My Bachelorette Party in Punta Cana

Hi guys!

The beginning of the wedding posts are happening now. :)

If you don't know, we had a destination wedding in Punta Cana at the Majestic Mirage Resort and we decided to do our bach parties there a couple days before the wedding.

When we first got to Punta Cana we saw a sign in front of the resort with our name on it which we were so excited to see - it made it so much more real and they were welcoming us in our group to the hotel. That first day we got in pretty late around 4 PM so we just went to the pool and hung out with friends that were already there and I passed out a few welcome bags (which I’m going to do a separate post on all my wedding details) but for the night time we just went to the steakhouse and then called it a night. The next day was our bachelorette and bachelor parties. They were going to be together at the pool and then we were going to do separate things for a pregame and then separate things for dinner but we ended up at the same place for dinner LOL but separate tables! During the day I went to the beach with some of my girlfriends for a little bit and then we merged with the boys in the pool and hung out with them.

After I showered and everything I wanted to get some of the girls to go to the beach to take some pictures so we got almost all the girls minus one haha she was really drunk but we did take some photos and then we went back to my cousins room for a little pregame and played some bachelorette games which we did the one where Colin answers questions on video which he pre-recorded and that was so fun because I love that game at everyone else’s party.

We then ended up at the restaurant, like I said, that the boys were at and then we all hung out at the lobby bar and ended the night at the resort club and it was so much fun. The next day was the rehearsal at 10AM so we were all pretty hung over but it was so nice to just have my bachelorette there and not have people go on another trip or anything crazy.


More posts are coming from the wedding!! Below are some wedding related posts/videos of mine :)


Below are some more wedding related posts/videos of mine :)

And don’t forget to watch my insta stories for the behind the scenes of my everyday and I also love sharing my amazon picks- here's my favorites from there.

Make sure you're subscribed to my Youtube Channel to see all my current and future wedding videos. :)

xoox ela

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