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Our Chicago Wedding

Can’t believe the day has come to share all the pictures of our Chicago wedding and all that went down to plan for this!! I vlogged the days we set up for this if you want to see the play by play haha. Here’s the videos!

Also already posted my welcome bags, and wedding week outfits here.

Ok so where do I start… well .. we decided on a Punta Cana wedding (video here) but then my mom really needed to see me get married in a Church here in Chicago (Polish Catholic mom) so she said, lets do a small thing here too. Well… that turned into 140 people but at least we did it in my cousins backyard so that saved on costs! I did so much research into vendors and definitely chose the most reasonably priced ones- trust me I reached out to A LOT of people. I even rented chairs and tables from two different vendors because of the prices. Why pay $5.50 for a chivari chair when you can get it for $4? Yes I’m that crazy but at least I was able to put that savings towards something else! I did a lot of research on the website Thumbtack and that helped a ton to find our dj, cateror, day of event coordinator, and bus company. I only booked my photographer, Rachael for about 4 hours but she’s amazing and stayed for dinner and then got some cake images. I figured since I got a full day photographer in Punta that I didn’t necessarily need all the detail shots (but now in hindsight I wish I just booked her for an additional hour to get those little details for all the work it took on the invites! Haha The pictures of that that I included in here were what I took.

Things that were amazing about the outdoor wedding were that I had full control (control freak hi), I could do it how I want (homemade polish Vodka at each table) and the party went on until whenever.

The cons were: transporting all the alcohol to the event, then coming back a day before to start putting them in the coolers. Our day of coordinator and bartender had to work closely to run out and get more ice throughout the night and replace any completed bottles. We bought about $2000 worth of alcohol and then returned $1000 of it. We definitely didn’t need all the chasers I got, spirits, wine, or beer but I wanted to be safe than sorry. I actually chose to do my own bar and liquor and get my cousins friend to bartend because if we did it with our catering company, it was more expensive, and it wasn’t the brands we drank. So I wanted to get titos, patron, whiteclaws, rose, etc and it was such a great choice. A lot of people drank tonic water, and vodka which we almost ran out of but we had so much leftover of other stuff. Binny’s lets you return unopened alcohol or mixers so that was amazing but we went with a local liquor store that did the same. Support small businesses! 😊 Keep in mind that if its been sitting in ice and the labels are messed up, you can’t return those. So that’s why we had a ton of alcohol in the house that the coordinator would bring out when they needed more. Also I found out how much alcohol I needed by googling it and there’s so many formulas out there to figure it out- it’ll never be 100% but it helped. One more thing haha- if you put together your own bar make sure theres water bottles and a garbage can by there for the appetizers and cups! I figured water would just be at the tables from the caterers but didn’t realize people would want water at cocktail hour.

Basically it was just A LOT of work to be there on Thursday bringing all the décor (table numbers, welcome table décor, lights, votive candles, bar signs, welcome sign, seating chart etc) and setting up and then coming back Friday to finish putting everything on the tables and setting up the bar and the coolers. I think if I had hired or had some more help to come Thursday and Friday it would have been way less work but I didn’t think of asking more people to come. Then Sunday was a ton of work to empty out the coolers, clean up the backyard, take down the lights on the trees (which we did ourselves on Friday) and then put all the liquor back in my car (actually 3 cars) to go return.

BUT I would still do this again. Just learned a lot!

It was truly an amazing day and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

This is all that I bought for the wedding:





Gold name card holders (we had to trim off some of the opening to fit the acrylic)


Easel for seating chart (I spraypainted it gold)


Some photos are my own (invite details, dog photos), but most are Rachael's!