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Our Punta Cana Wedding

Ever since we started dating (well whenever we started talking about marriage that is,) we always wanted a destination wedding. We love to travel, love the water, and palm trees that we knew it’d have to be on a beach. All I knew was that I wanted it in the Caribbean somewhere and Colin always loved Punta Cana so when we went in 2017 for vacation we ended up touring a couple resorts. We chose the Majestic Mirage because we loved the hotel, and the coordinator and knew it’d be a great time. Mirage was the newer of the three hotels in that resort so we chose that one!

We actually set a date before we were engaged haha (but they didn’t need a deposit.) We chose 6/22/19 and it also ended up being the same day we met in 2013. Crazy. We figured that out way later.

We did choose a travel agent from Chicago to be the contact for all our guests to book through him. We didn’t get anything out of it but it was an easy way to keep track of who all booked already.

The planning process was totally fine though! It was nice to meet Dayra (our coordinator) before hand and know who I was going to be emailing throughout the year. We hadn’t done any phone calls, everything was through email and let me tell you, there were a TON! But it was totally fine! I sent her my inspo and literally just had to trust that it was going to look like that! That’s the hard part but I had so much less planning to do than our Chicago wedding. For Chicago we did a smaller (well we thought it’d be a small thing- it ended up being 140 people) but we had a church ceremony and a reception (all for my mom who wanted it haha.)

We booked our trip for Wednesday- Tuesday but I wish I had gone Tuesday to Tuesday so I can get some stuff ready a day before everyone got there. I’m going to do a blog post all about what I learned planning two weddings so stay tuned.

The only decorations I brought were fans (for the ceremony,) welcome bags, guest book, polaroid cameras for the reception, photos in frames of us, table numbers, menu cards, vow books, favor cards, champagne names for seating, our puppy signature cocktail print, cake boxes, and that’s it! I totally recommend the cake boxes so people can take some back to their room! I didn’t do ceremony programs because I was running out of time and just didn’t feel like making them haha. I had these save the dates but I did make all my invites, and stationary in Photoshop from some Etsy inspiration so I’m sorry I don’t have links for those!

I went to Jasmin’s salon off the resort for hair and makeup with my mom and 1 bridesmaid. I actually booked her a week before because I had initially just booked the hotel spa but then changed my mind last minute. I’m so happy she was available! I just dm’d her on Instagram and emailed her and she responded to both. I booked a car through Renny Travel but maybe a taxi would’ve been cheaper. But he did come back and wait for us to be done to take us back to the resort so that was nice. Since there was so much news about tainted alcohol, deaths, etc during that time (literally 2 weeks before our wedding all that news came out), my one bridesmaid and her sister stayed at the resort for their hair and makeup and they so regretted it. I went to the hotel spa for my rehearsal dinner hair and makeup and my makeup was awesome and hair was great but she did not spray my hair enough at all- it fell right away. :/ Jasmin was the only one that did all of our hair and makeup even though there were 5 other artists there just sitting around having no clients to do. But at least it all turned out amazing!

Other than it being SUPER windy and my veil kept twisting, I still think I would do a blusher and veil again- I wanted that traditional feel!

We had such a great time! I would do it over and over again.

For anyone planning a destination wedding, let me know if you have any questions!