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My Bridal Shower!

Finally! I edited all the bridal shower photos and here they are! I was so excited to edit these but SO exhausted that night when I got home that I only got to the ones with me and my family haha. A lot of the decorations, I made for a great price, so I wanted to share where I got everything! Enjoy


My dress is For Love & Lemons from Shopbop, it's also sold on Amazon and comes in black

Shoes are from Macy's. ($43- I know- amazing)

I had such trouble finding any white dresses I liked and when I saw this, it was the one. I did have to get the sleeves hemmed a bit but when you're 4'11, that's my normal.

Rose sugar scrub blog post is up now :) It's very similar to these that I made for my other friends shower.

I made the menu in photoshop and got them printed at a local printer on 110 lb paper and then I bought the "how old is the bride" template on etsy and got those printed at the same local printer.

The pencil I had personalized to say "Ela & Colin" and they were so much cheaper than buying those cute diamond pens.

I made these acrylic table numbers with my friends cricut machine. I seriously need to get one for myself! I bought the acrylic 4x6's on amazon and then we just used gold vinyl for the cricut to come up with the numbers. I downloaded the font Memories for it- it was perfect. My brother then made me the wooden display but they sell those on etsy here.

I borrowed the white and green faux flowers from a friend but I found this online. The flowers in the vases were real from the supermarket.

I rented the chivari chairs from M&M Events (they're amazing and the cheapest chairs for rental I could find- these chairs are usually $6-7 to rent EACH but I got them for $4 each)- we're using them for our wedding too! The balloons are from amazon and because of the national helium shortage (yes its a thing) I had so much trouble getting them blown up anywhere. We ended up getting lucky at Jewel Osco and had to pay a whopping $8 each to get them blown up haha. The string decor is from my cousins baptism haha but we just taped some tissue paper around it. Love sign is from amazon and blown up with a straw.

The pens that I used for my seating chart, I also used for people to write on this frame with their guess for the kisses game. They're amazing chalk markers that wipe off glass with water.

Fun little game I must say haha. I used this template from etsy for the cards. I had got this easel at Hobby Lobby and it was originally black so I spray painted it gold. The gifts for the games were loterry tickets! I had three games that people could win from and each gift was a $10 ticket. No one won big though :(

The seating chart was a DIY. I got two glass pieces from Home Depot in an 18x24. In between them, I taped the table sheets to the back piece of glass, and then on the top glass, I wrote "Ela's Bridal Shower" in the same chalk marker I used for the kisses game. The paper inside was just computer paper, nothing fancy. Numbers were in the font 'Memories' again. It was such a cheap way to elegantly display the seating. I loved it.

I got these 'bride and groom' signs here and I had some faux greenery already. The bride faux grenery I just got from Michaels and put it together. My inspo was this. :)

We played the shoe game which is basically just answering questions and who would be the one to do whatever the question was.. like sleep in more, or work more etc.

ALL THE ITEMS: (for mobile users)

ALL THE ITEMS: (for desktop users)


Had the best day ever!!! Thank you all that came to my shower and I can't believe we leave in 2 weeks for the wedding!


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Make sure you're subscribed to my Youtube Channel to see all my current and future wedding videos. :)

xoox ela

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