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Miami Travel Diary Oct 2020


We just got back from Miami during a pandemic! It was definitely different there this time around (last time I went was for a bachelorette party and the other time was with Colin.

The weekdays felt like a ghost town but Fri/Sat definitely picked up in people. I love looking back on where we ate/what we did so here is my Miami diary!

Day 1

We stayed at the Nautilus Arlo in South Beach. We checked in, unpacked a bit, and walked to Bodega and Taqueria. It was a little bit of a walk (30 min) and I didnt realize how humid Miami was in October but the food was worth it! Sooo good. I got the shrimp, pastor, and steak taco and they were amazing. The chips and guac too- soo good! After we went to our hotel pool, and then for dinner went to Mercado Della Pescheria and got the chicken parm. We were SO full and went home to sleep haha.

day 1 day outfit

day 1 night outfit

Day 2

We rented city bikes and went to Local House for lunch. We both got the lobster roll and it was so good. The outdoor area was also so cool looking with the palm leaves everywhere. We went to the beach afterwards, visited my friend at her new house, then got sushi at Doraku. I was buzzed so I'm so mad I don't remember which rolls we ordered by I got one of them twice haha. The dumplings were also amazing.

Day 2 night outfit

Day 3

We went to Bacon Bitch which is a fun place and they actually have to respond with 'thanks bitch' etc ahaha. The sandwich was great and the hashbrown was even better. We then rented this little car for $100 for 2 hours from a place on 11th and Collins I believe and it was actually the highlight of the trip for me. Was so fun to see the other areas and honestly I was sick of walking everywhere hahah. We went to the pool for a bit and I ordered a poke bowl from Ono because I heard it was one of the best places but it was just like the ones I've had in Chicago- still good because i love poke bowls! Then for dinner we went to Prime 112 and my first experience was better. We got the lobster cobb salad, dumplings, and crab cake. The best was the onion bread that give in the beginning! I only knew of wildfire having onion bread and thats why thats my favorite restaurant haa.

Day 4

This roof is on the top of our hotel btw! But this day I told myself, "i am dressing cute today and taking ubers eveywhere" ahha because the other days during the day i was in biker shorts and didnt care because it was so humid and we walked everywhere. So this day (our last) I went out with a bang. For lunch we decided to compromise because Colin wanted a sandwich and I wanted tacos so I went to Naked Taco and Colin went to La Sandwicheria. The shrimp taco was sooo good- i shouldve gotten 2 of them. Then we had our last pool day, and for dinner Colin wanted Morenos but I actually wasnt hungry and didnt feel like Cuban so I waited and then we walked towards Moshi Moshi and I had sushi. I loooove sushi, it might be over cheeseburgers now. so shocking.

day 4 day outfit

day 4 night outfit

Hope you enjoyed!!


All of the photos have been edited with my presets

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xoxo ela

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