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25 Facts About Me


I feel like I haven't done this in a while! Hope you learn something new :) Here's my old one if you want to catch up.

1. I'm 100% polish- my parents grew up in Poland and my mom and dad moved here 30 some years ago. As kids we would go every 2-3 years to visit our family there. Now it’s a bit harder with work but we just went in 2018 and it was awesome. Polish was my first language so I do speak, write and read it but as the years go on and less practicing, it’s slowly dwindling but I will teach my kids everything I know. Best believe I’m going to make Polish their first language too! Colin will have to teach them English so it will be a competition of what kid speaks what language the most haha.

2. I’m 4’11 - I was always self conscious about it and would always wear heels out and then one day something clicked and I said f**k it and now I hate wearing heels hahah (you’ll read below how I’m always down for comfort now)

3. I met my husband at a bar in 2013 when I was 22. He is originally from Long Island in NY and he was visiting friends and I was out with my friends. We texted for a week, then it fizzled, and then in 2014 we started talking again, 2015 we were official, 2016 he moved here, 2017 he moved in with me and my parents in the suburbs, 2018 we got engaged, and 2019 we got married (in Chicago and Punta Cana) and bought a house. Ah how the years have flown!

4. I got a job as a model agent out of college. It happened because of an internship I had there- more info here how I landed that job. It seems surreal.

5. I now work as a talent manager at an ad agency - estimating talent costs for our commercials. We also book influencers and celebrities for our ads. I love it!

6.My favorite time of day is laying down and watching reality tv. Literally anything. Love 90 day fiance, all real housewives, even teen mom haha.

7. I love to sleep. Like looooove it.

8. I started my blog because I had really bad anxiety and needed an escape. There’s a whole big story about it but maybe one day I’ll write an article on it. Short story is it took my mind off the stuff I was worrying about and gave me something to focus on.

9. I studied fashion business in college. I went to Columbia in Chicago and decided 2nd semester of freshman year to do fashion.

10. I studied abroad in Florence Italy in 2012. I went alone and met the most amazing girls there who were all so driven. Gave me so much drive that….

11. I then went to do an internship in LA for the summer. I was going to make sure I’d be successful in life and I just dropped everything and went.

12. My favorite food is a cheeseburger and fries. Best is from Portillos.

13. I’m a true gemini- sometimes I'm outgoing and sometimes in shy. Definitely two personalities.

14. I love rooftops- could be because I'm short and I like to be elevated haha.

15. I went through a really rough stage with anxiety and now take medicine for it and love how I’m just a better version of myself. I truly don’t think I would have started a blog if it wasn't for the antidepressant because i used to care what people though of me and now, I do it because i love it and I don't care what anyone thinks.

16. When I was in between jobs, organizing my parents house was the most fulfilling thing- it made me feel in control when I wasn't in control of my next job. I’d love to work for neatmethod in another life haha

17. I wear sneakers every day (adidas stan smiths) i love to be comfortable and if i’m not shooting something for the blog/insta I’m always in sweats.

18. I always took so many photos and videos in high school and at h/s parties. I would then post them on facebook and tag all my friends… even the creepy ones i captured hahah. I always got messages to delete something haha

19. I love being photographed and filmed. I literally get goosebumps if someone takes my picture - i love it. Its so weird.

20. I love techno music and dj’s like Kygo and Calvin Harris. If theres chill music playing at a bar I literally get so sleepy. I live off the energy of upbeat music.

21. I idolized Britney Spears growing up and I still have such a love for her and I wish she didn't have to go through all the mental craziness that happened. If i ever met her I would die.

22. I love DIY’ing home projects but now that we’re renovating our home, I’m letting all the contractors do it since we set aside money for this. I DIY’d a lot of stuff at my parents house like painting the cabinets and countertops in their kitchen.

23. I’m very honest and will tell you what’s up. I open up and spill things to people that most people wouldn't. I’m very much an open book and sometimes my husbands like “why are you sharing that with all your followers” haha but I dont care! We live once and who cares is my motto.

24. I’m so organized and live by my icloud calendar. I send my husband invites on there like 5 times a day haha.

25. I love to travel and so does my husband- that’s why we stook together! Haha- we’ve been to cayman islands, spain twice, poland, italy, london, jamaica, miami, arizona, ny together and more to come!

What are some facts about you!? Comment below!

Don't forget to follow me on instagram and check out my Amazon Page that lists all my favorites on there- clothing, bathing suits, beauty products and more. Also I post a bunch of videos on my youtube channel!

xoxo ela

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